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Assam Indian Green Tea

These teas are produced in the region know for hearty breakfast style teas. Unlike the more traditional black styles of tea, Assam green teas have unique characteristics which some have likened to China Yunnan greens. With a full mouth feel and fruity notes, Assam green teas are a great selection for those who like a green tea with a robust flavor and a lot of character.

Decaffeinated Earl Grey loose leaf black tea
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The top standard of decaffeinated Earl Grey available, and by far one of the best we have ever cupped. Please note that even the best decaffeinated teas lack some of the flavor and complexity of their unprocessed counterparts.

TXE9 |
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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Harvested at the peak of the 2021 first flush season at Singtom Estate, this broken-leaf Darjeeling offering is redolent with the aroma of fresh flowers. The golden amber cup introduces a gentle astringency that plays at the edges of the palate, creating a wonderful counterpoint to the intensely sweet dried fruit hints in the vibrant flavor. A bright refreshing quality lingers in the finish.

TD194 |
loose leaf Nepal black tea
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A delicate sprinkling of silvery tips decorates the bold, dark olive leaves of this first flush black tea offering from the Gorkha Estate of eastern Nepal. The aroma is sweet and inviting, revealing hints of flowers, stone fruit and corn silk. A buttery smooth mouth feel supports a rich constellation of flavor notes — honey, dried stone fruit, toasty, nutty. The finish lingers with a crispness punctuated by hints of spice.

TM104 |
loose leaf jasmine green tea
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The pronounced jasmine aroma and flavor of this Season’s Pick offering will please the palates of Jasmine tea lovers. The floral notes are enhanced by a lovely sweetness that blooms as the tea cools, making this selection a great choice for iced tea.

ZJ100 |
loose leaf breakfast blend black tea
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A tin (approx. 35g.) of each of the following teas: TB02: Leadenhall Street Breakfast Blend, TB12: C.T.C. Irish Breakfast Blend, TB14: Scottish Breakfast Blend and TB18: Ceylon English Breakfast Select.

Please note that Sampler Sets cannot be personalized.

SB22 |
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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A fresh aroma, fragrant with notes of tropical fruit, floral hints and a rich honey sweetness, introduces this 2021 first flush selection. Tropical fruit takes center stage in the golden amber cup as well, supported by nuances of spring flowers and a gentle toastiness. A refreshing crispness lingers in the finish. A great value for a single-estate first flush Darjeeling tea.

TD195 |
loose leaf China Oolong
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Dark olive-green leaves are loosely rolled and enhanced with natural honey flavoring in this unique Chinese Oolong offering. The aroma is redolent with pronounced buttery honey notes, complemented by hints of apricot. The pale golden cup blooms with prominent notes of honey and flowers, sweetened with hints of stone fruit. The finish is smooth and lingering.

ZO77 |
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 1 Review
USDA Organic Apricot Honey Rooibos loose leaf herbal tea
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Pronounced honey-dipped apricot notes lend a rich ambrosial aroma and flavor to this organic Rooibos offering. Hints of vanilla, candied citrus and caramel add a delightful complexity to the dark amber cup. The flavor lingers long into the smooth finish. This caffeine-free treat tastes wonderful hot or iced.

BA22 |
loose leaf flavored black tea
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As the fiery colors of autumn blaze across the landscape, this delightful Chai selection will bring a rich warming flavor to your teacup. A sweet cinnamon aroma portends notes of warming spices that provide the perfect complement to the luscious pumpkin flavor. The finish lingers with a velvety smoothness. Add a dollop of cream and sweetener for a decadent treat! May be enjoyed hot or iced at any time of year.

NT35 |
loose leaf Assam black tea
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A bounty of golden tips provides an impressive contrast to the ebony-brown leaves of this exemplary 2021 Assam selection. The complex aroma is fragrant with hints of malt, red wine and honey. The full-bodied cup is silky smooth and well balanced with a constellation of complementary flavors — notes of Burgundy, amaretto and oak, hints of cherry and rose. The lively finish is long and lingering.

TA199 |
The average rating for this product is 4 out of 5 stars 1 Review
loose leaf Chai black tea
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A tin (approx 35g) each of the following: TE30: Traditional Masala Chai, NT33: Chai Spice Black Tea, TX30: Decaffeinated Masala Chai, and BH33: Organic Chai Namaste.

Please note that Sampler Sets cannot be personalized.

SC03 |
loose leaf Assam black tea
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The juxtaposition of golden tips and dark leaves gives this 2021 Assam offering an outstanding appearance. The rich, malty aroma promises an enticing cup, notable for its thick, velvety mouth feel and pronounced cocoa notes. A hint of sweet spice lingers in the finish.

TA160 |
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