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Reversals of Fortune in the Tea Industry Part VIII

Posted on 04/06/2023

From the very beginning, Upton Tea Imports has been proud to offer quality tea education in our quarterly catalog to accompany our premium tea selection. Join us in revisiting our classic article series Reversals of Fortune in the Tea Industry, where we examine fascinating turns of events in tea and trade history with surprising outcomes.

Examine the decline of the Dutch republic as financial capital of Europe in Britain’s exciting bid to become the foremost financial power in Europe, delayed by revolution and public political unrest.

Learn about the formation of Great Britain, the impact of catastrophic market failures, and what could have been different had the fates favored different men. While the push and pull between Britain and France continues, the Dutch introduce tea to Europe as curiosity only the wealthy could afford.

While the famous English East India Company was an acclaimed success and made many fortunate traders wealthy, other ventures and schemes were not so lucky. At a time when cross continental sea travel was still young, fortunes were made and broke in an instant.

Reversals of Fortune in the Tea Industry Part VIII

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