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Reversals of Fortune in the Tea Industry Part VI

Posted on 04/06/2023

From the very beginning, Upton Tea Imports has been proud to offer quality tea education in our quarterly catalog to accompany our premium tea selection. Join us in revisiting our classic article series Reversals of Fortune in the Tea Industry, where we examine fascinating turns of events in tea and trade history with surprising outcomes.

With the British taking over for the Dutch as the next influential trade power, success and prosperity is inevitable, but profitability does not always lead to peace. Bloody power struggles make a dramatic impact on taxes and economics, reflecting on national trade.

Read this installment to explore the surprising ways the British were influenced by fire and famine. In a time where rival world powers struggles for dominance to occupy the place that would be left by the Dutch, how did the nation experiencing economic instability and lineage struggles emerge victorious?

Reversals of Fortune in the Tea Industry Part VI

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