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Reversals of Fortune in the Tea Industry Part IV

Posted on 04/06/2023

From the very beginning, Upton Tea Imports has been proud to offer quality tea education in our Upton Tea Quarterly catalog to accompany our premium tea selection. Join us in revisiting our classic article series Reversals of Fortune in the Tea Industry, where we examine fascinating turns of events in tea and trade history with surprising outcomes.

As the focus shifts from Portugal to the Dutch, the Maritime adventures of Dutch traders take center stage. How did Amsterdam become the center for merchants in Europe and, at a time when overseas trade was booming, what was the influence of historical figures such as Christopher Columbus and Erasmus on the tea industry?

In this installment, trace the trade routes tea has taken throughout history at a time when the development of the spice market paved the way for exports to reach further across the globe than they ever had before.

Reversals of Fortune in the Tea Industry Part IV

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