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Wellness and Tea

Posted on 03/17/2023

By Melissa D., Tea Consultant

In our current culture, we hear this word multiple times a day: wellness.

We see it on the news, while shopping, and even at the doctor's office. It pops up everywhere. Collectively, we are learning the importance of having a wellness routine and its impact on living a healthy life.

According to the Oxford English dictionary, "Wellness is the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal."

Every person has a different idea of what wellness means to them and what they want to pursue. Some focus on physical wellness, like yoga or exercise, while others focus on mental wellness with meditation. Ideally, wellness should include all of these practices, which unify the body and the mind and share the same goal of promoting longevity and happiness. Experiencing optimal health as we strive toward being our best selves inside and out.

Making mindful choices about what we put into our bodies is a vital aspect of wellness, and tea has many benefits that can support your wellness goals.

Our Wellness Tea Collection of premium teas, herbs, and spices focuses on supporting digestion, sleep, mind, memory, immunity, energy, and easing stress. These carefully curated offerings promote and enhance well-being in many aspects of life. If you have ever sipped a cup of chamomile before bed to ensure a good night’s sleep, or steeped a cup of ginger root to soothe an upset stomach, then you have already experienced the wellness benefits of herbs.

Taking the time to focus on wellness in just one of these areas of your life is a great start and may have a domino effect to help you address other areas where wellness is needed. For example, when you focus on achieving better sleep, your body becomes well rested. The more rested you are, the more optimally your immune system responds because the body repairs itself during sleep. A good night's sleep may aid in improving memory because your brain is also well rested.

Taking little steps and carving out the space necessary, whether you have two hours or five minutes a day, can be extremely beneficial for overall well-being.

We are honored to be one of the stepping stones along your journey to wellness. We invite you to sample the loose leaf teas and tisanes in our Wellness Tea Collection, created just for you.

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