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The Champagne of Teas – First Flush Darjeeling

Posted on 04/06/2023

The most anticipated time of the year in the tea industry is first flush Darjeeling season. The harvest usually begins in mid-February, after the plants’ winter dormancy has ended and temperatures in India begin to rise. The newly sprouting tea leaves are packed with stored nutrients, and plucked by hand in the traditional way.

First Flush Darjeeling

For first flush Darjeeling tea, a perfect plucking of two leaves and a bud is typically used. Batches are gathered in limited amounts, due to the short availability of the crop and the meticulous nature by which the tea is processed, resulting in quality that is unparalleled. Ultimately, the finished cup will be golden in color, delicate and smooth yet full of brightness. The fresh, gentle floral aroma of a fresh harvest is enthralling. These qualities have earned first flush Darjeeling the enticing nickname of “sunshine in a cup.” Savoring a first flush Darjeeling tea is a truly captivating experience for any tea connoisseur.

First Flush Darjeeling Upton Tea Imports is proud to release the very first of the first flush Darjeeling teas available in the US, year after year. We see hundreds of samples each season and carefully choose the best lots we come across for this special tea occasion. When we cup the first flush teas, the room fills with a powerful springtime aroma. With the first sip, it is easy to imagine walking through a tea garden overlooking the majestic Himalayas, the sun shining brightly. Year after year, the first flush Darjeeling teas do not disappoint. Having worked with the producer for many years, we are allotted the first Tindharia Estate harvest each spring. We are grateful for our long-term partnership with Tindharia, and for the opportunity to share these special, top-quality teas with our customers each year. Would you like to try a first flush Darjeeling tea? We recommend sampling each estate to find your favorite!

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