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Just the Leaves Blog

Posted on 04/06/2023

Our Valued Customers often call to ask us: “How long have you been in business?” It is always a pleasure to answer them. We have been sourcing premium teas and herbs for our Valued Customers for 32 years since our founding in 1989. From the very beginning, we have endeavored to serve our Valued Customers not only with professionalism and excellence, but as experts of loose leaf tea, offering our knowledge and understanding on the subject. After all, we staff members are tea lovers too!

In the articles of our Upton Tea Quarterly catalog, we have guided you on the journeys of our staff members who have experienced the warmth and elation of visiting tea fields abroad. We have explored and recounted the thrilling ups and downs of the tea industry throughout the centuries, and have sought to introduce you to the nuances of the agricultural aspect of tea, from the processing methods by which each tea is created to the complicated methods of classification of the leaf itself. In a field of interest so wide, there are countless avenues to explore. There is no end to how much we can learn together, or to the fun we can all have with our tea.

Continuing our long-standing tradition of tea education, it is our pleasure to announce Just the Leaves, the official tea blog of Upton Tea Imports! On this new platform, we plan to expand our tea education offerings by sharing more stories, facts and tips about tea, as well as new ways to enjoy tea that you may have never considered before. A fitting companion to our Upton Tea Quarterly catalog, Just the Leaves will continue our legacy of sharing our passion for all things tea.

As we set off on our new adventure, we would like to hear your thoughts and feedback. What topics would you be interested in reading about on our blog? Please email and share your ideas. We look forward to hearing from you! Happy Tea Drinking!

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