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Kōridashi: How to Prepare Japanese Green Tea… With Ice!

Posted on 06/15/2023

Kōridashi: How to Prepare Japanese Green Tea… With Ice!



You may have heard of cold brew, but have you ever heard of a tea being steeped over ice? No hot water is required to make a refreshing ice-cold cup of Japanese green tea with the Kōridashi method. Enjoy making this summer treat as a fun tea activity and savor the unique sweet, umami taste of tea that has never been exposed to hot water. While the recipe is traditionally intended for Japanese green tea, feel free to experiment with different teas for varied results!


  • 6g (2 teaspoons) of our TJ79: Kagoshima Kabuse Sencha (our preferred choice - or substitute with your favorite Japanese green tea)
  • A large handful of ice
  • A fine mesh strainer or tea filter of your choice
  • (2) Standard 6oz teacups or short glasses (One for steeping, one to serve the tea)


  1. Place the ice into the glass or cup in which you would like to prepare the tea.
  2. Spoon the tea leaves over the ice and wait!
  3. The tea must steep in the melting ice for at least 2 hours to give it time to infuse.
  4. Pour the tea and leaves over the strainer and into the serving glass or cup. Feel free to add more ice to the finished product.

Happy Tea Drinking! 

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