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All About Honey

Posted on 05/26/2023

Honey Happenings

Every year when the weather grows cooler and the nights grow longer, tea drinkers around the world cherish a warm cup of tea. You could add cream and sugar or lemon to enhance your autumn cuppa, but what better way to add brightness to your morning routine than a touch of honey to remind you of spring?

Tea and honey is a classic pairing — comforting, smooth and soothing. Spoon a dollop of honey into black tea to smooth out its brisk edges, with green tea to enhance its sweetness, or with chai tea for a spiced autumn treat. Did you know that Upton Tea Imports now offers its own honey to sweeten your favorite cup of tea? Please enjoy our recommendations below!

Wildflower Honey

Our golden wildflower honey boasts a rich floral flavor and buttery mouthfeel. Sweet, light and syrupy, our wildflower honey is produced locally in Maine by bees that have gathered nectar from wildflowers.

Tupelo Honey

Tupelo honey is made in Georgia from the delicate white blossoms of the tupelo tree, native to the American south. The rich yet delicate sweetness is worthy of our most extraordinary blends!

If you love honey, you’ll love our naturally flavored honey teas! Mouthwatering and inviting, savor these special offerings hot or iced, or enjoy them with sweets as an indulgent delight.

Honey Oolong

Dark olive-green leaves are loosely rolled and enhanced with natural honey flavoring in this unique Chinese Oolong offering. The aroma is redolent with pronounced buttery honey notes, complemented by hints of apricot. The pale golden cup blooms with prominent notes of honey and flowers, sweetened with hints of stone fruit. The finish is smooth and lingering.

Apricot Honey Rooibos Organic

Pronounced honey-dipped apricot notes lend a rich ambrosial aroma and flavor to this organic Rooibos offering. Hints of vanilla, candied citrus and caramel add a delightful complexity to the dark amber cup. The flavor lingers long into the smooth finish. This caffeine-free treat tastes wonderful hot or iced.

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