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Somerset Estate, Sri Lanka

Posted on 04/06/2023

In the past, we have been fortunate enough to travel to tea estates across the globe and experience the origins of tea at its source. Connecting with tea pluckers, tea tasters and the managers of these estates supports the unique deeper understanding and appreciation of the product that we pride ourselves on.

One of our favorite estates we have visited is the Somerset Estate, located in the Nuwara Eliya district of Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon.) Tea was introduced to the island in 1867. Because the seven subtropical tea growing regions create optimal growing conditions for tea bushes for most of the year, the tea industry flourishes there.

Not only can you taste the climate in the cup, but tea from each district has different flavor notes specific to the growing region. Tea from the Somerset Estate is bold, brisk and bright. Mostly BOP or CTC tea is manufactured there, ideal for hearty blends. Tea plucked at this estate may be a component of your favorite breakfast blend!

Somerset Estate Somerset Estate sits at one of the highest elevations in Sri Lanka, over 5,000 feet above sea level. The weather is tepid yet humid, the air is thick and there are tea bushes as far as the eye can see. Their tea pluckers are typically women. During the harvest season, they can be spotted along the hillsides far and wide.

When we visited the estate, Somerset’s pluckers wore red hats with contemporary tea baskets to match, and plucked in groups of 5. We were lucky enough to join them in the tea bushes, and they taught us the correct way to pluck. At Somerset Estate, the preferred plucking is always two leaves and a bud (the freshest growth).

The bushes were massive, and so were some of the leaves. The women carry wooden sticks that they place on top of the tea bushes to make sure of an even plucking. Each worker gathers about 20KG every day. The tea leaves are then brought to the factory to be laid in withering troughs, the first step of the tea making process.

Currently we offer two Somerset Estate teas, both BOP breakfast-style teas, TC52 and TC57. Some prefer to drink them with milk and sweetener, but they are also delightful on their own.

Feel free to peruse our offerings below!

A perfect choice for breakfast tea, this broken-leaf selection wakes you up with its brisk, refreshing aroma. Notes of honey and a light floral hint blend harmoniously with a rich, toasty character.

The dark russet amber cup has a full, rich flavor, punctuated by a brisk, refreshing aroma. A citrus-like brightness embraces sweet honey notes in the medium-bodied liquor.
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