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Indian Black Tea

Some of the most rich teas on the planet, Indian black teas are as flavorful as they are delicate. Choose from a wide variety of loose leaf organic and conventional Assam, Sikkim, Nilgiri, Darjeeling and Himalayan black teas.

Himalayan teas are a great alternative to expensive single-estate Darjeelings. While they are not grown within the Darjeeling district itself, Himalayan teas exhibit the same light, refreshing flavor as do the teas from their more prestigious neighbors.

2020 Teesta Valley First Flush Darjeeling Tea
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Decorated with downy silver tips, the bold olive-green leaves of this first flush selection produce a refreshing, amber-gold cup filled with tropical fruit sweetness. A light stone fruit aroma is complemented by crisp hints of white wine that linger in the smooth finish.

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loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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The Castleton Estate is known for crafting top-notch Darjeeling teas. This second flush offering is true to their reputation. The dark amber liquor has a vibrant bouquet, bursting with notes of muscatel and a ripe stone fruit sweetness. The full-bodied, complex cup is smooth and full of flavor, complemented by a rich mouth feel. Pronounced notes of honey and hints of spice linger in the crisp finish.

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loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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An inviting floral fragrance introduces this first flush selection from the Arya Estate, which has been producing premium Darjeeling teas for over 100 years. The amber gold cup is lively and bursting with mouth-filling complexity. Notes of sweet flowers, buttery corn silk, juicy tropical fruit and creamy almond create a rich harmony of well-balanced flavor that lingers long into the crisp finish.

TD172 |
loose leaf Assam black tea
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This finely particled “Golden Orange Fannings” leaf Assam tea produces a dark copper cup with rich flavor and a warm toasty aroma that hints of malt. A stone fruit sweetness enhances flavor notes of dark baking cocoa and malt, complemented by a full mouth feel and ending with a smooth, lingering finish. While the GOF grade of tea is often used for blending, this selection is an excellent self drinker while also being strong enough to accommodate a dollop of milk, if desired.

TA200 |
Namring Estate Loose Darjeeling Tea 2020 2nd Flush
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Harvested during the second flush season, this top selection showcases dark brown leaves accented with gold and silver downy tips. A toasty aroma introduces a smooth, rich dark-amber liquor with a honey sweetness and ripe muscatel notes that become more pronounced as the tea cools. The finish lingers with hints of stone fruit.

TD146 |
Mim Darjeeling Loose White Tea
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Small, light-green tips yield a very pale golden liquor in this white tea offering from Mim Estate. The mouth feel is silky smooth and delicate yet the flavor reveals a rich complexity with hints of corn silk, light buttercup notes and a floral sweetness. A crisp, lingering finish completes an exceptional tea experience.

TD143 |
loose leaf Assam black tea
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In this selection from the Mangalam Estate, a sprinkling of downy golden tips threads through the dark brown leaves, producing a strong, rich cup with a sweet, malty fragrance hinting of carob. The deep copper liquor reveals pronounced malty flavor with a chocolate thickness and dark sugar sweetness. A pleasant astringency plays at the edges of the palate, leading to a smooth, lingering finish.

TA134 |
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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In this first flush offering from Singbulli Estate, bold, well-made leaves in variegated tones of olive-green, sprinkled with silver tips, steep a golden amber liquor with a vibrant aroma hinting of sweet flowers and buttery corn silk. The cup is rich and smooth with a delectable honeyed floral flavor that fills your mouth upon first sip. The finish lingers with a crisp “bite.”

TD179 |
loose leaf Assam white tea
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This rare Assam Silver Tips tea is exclusively downy, silver-white tea tea buds. The pale golden cup offers a toasty aroma with gentle hints of fruit and corn silk. The buttery smooth mouth feel supports a complex flavor profile with ripe fruit hints, suggestive of melon and apricot. A fleeting whisper of Assam maltiness lingers in the sweet finish. A must try for white tea aficionados.

TA137 |
Goomtee Darjeeling Tea First Flush
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This first flush offering is noteworthy for its eminently smooth character and pronounced honey sweetness. The light amber-gold cup is fragrant with an inviting aroma hinting of stone fruit and flowers. Tropical fruit hints and a gentle whisper of toastiness lead to a crisp, refreshing finish.

TD138 |
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loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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A fresh aroma, fragrant with notes of tropical fruit, floral hints and a rich honey sweetness, introduces this first flush selection. Tropical fruit takes center stage in the golden amber cup as well, supported by nuances of spring flowers and a gentle toastiness. A refreshing crispness lingers in the finish. A great value for a single-estate first flush Darjeeling tea.

TD195 |
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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Smooth and lively with a pronounced toasty aroma, this broken-leaf second flush offering is the perfect choice when you’re looking for a rich, full-bodied Darjeeling. Hints of muscatel sweetness support the warm toasty character in both the aroma and the dark amber cup. The finish lingers with a suggestion of honeyed fruit. A great value.

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