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Indian Black Tea

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Indian black teas are some of the richest and boldest teas on the planet. This is why black tea from India is so highly prized. Several of the most famous black tea varieties are grown in India. Darjeeling Tea, often called the Champagne of teas, is one of the region's most sought after varieties. The extremely popular spicy Masala Chai is also a black tea from India. If you have ever enjoyed an English, Scottish or Irish breakfast tea you have sampled the malty and bold Assam Indian black tea which is a key component in all of those blends. Upton Tea Imports has assembled an incredible collection of loose leaf black tea of India for you to enjoy. Here you can choose from a wide variety of loose leaf organic and conventional Assam, Sikkim, Nilgiri, Darjeeling and Himalayan black teas.
An Indian black tea tip from our experts: We highly recommend Himalayan teas as a great alternative to expensive single-estate Darjeelings. While they are not grown within the Darjeeling district itself, Himalayan teas exhibit the same light, refreshing flavor as the tea grown by their more prestigious neighbors.
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