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Darjeeling Tea

Often referred to as the "champagne of teas," Darjeeling tea is prized for its vibrant aromatics and flavorful cup; the liquor ranges in color from golden yellow to rich amber, depending on its season of harvest. The flavor can be light and floral with tropical fruit sweetness for a first flush offering or darker and toasty/fruity with notes of muscatel for a second flush selection. There is truly a loose leaf Darjeeling tea that will appeal to every taste. Organic single-estate teas and specialty tea blends are available.

loose leaf darjeeling bop tea
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The best value in Darjeeling tea. Broken-leaf Darjeeling is often overlooked, either because the price is so reasonable or because too much value is placed on a more stylish leaf. This flavorful BOP blend offers a great cup at a very attractive price.

TD06 |
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 5 Reviews
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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Another stellar selection from one of our favorite estates, this well-crafted second flush Darjeeling produces a silky smooth cup with a warm toasty aroma hinting of fruit. A whisper of tropical fruit in the dark amber cup adds an ambrosial sweetness to rich muscatel notes that linger long into the finish.

TD200 |
loose leaf black tea
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A tin (approx 35g) each of the following: TP12: Premium China Keemun, TD50: No.1 Tippy Orthodox GFOP Darjeeling, ZY51: China Yunnan TGFOP, and TB51: East Frisian BOP Assam Tea. Representative of a wide range of fine black teas.

Please note that Sampler Sets cannot be personalized.

SM30 |
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 2 Reviews
USDA Organic Decaffeinated Darjeeling organic loose leaf black tea
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The top standard of decaffeinated Darjeeling tea available, and by far the best we have cupped. Please note that even the best decaffeinated teas lose some of the flavor and complexity of their unprocessed counterparts.

TXD8 |
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 3 Reviews
loose leaf tippy orthodox darjeeling tea
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An exceptional golden tip Darjeeling blend. We first introduced this tea in 1990 and it continues to be our most popular Darjeeling.

This tea is the perfect choice to enjoy with a spoonful of our Wildflower Honey.

TD50 |
The average rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars 9 Reviews
loose leaf white tea pearls
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Darjeeling white tea leaves are expertly rolled into medium pearl shapes, which produce a pale-gold liquor with a sweet tropical fruit aroma. A buttery smooth mouth feel and gentle character pair well with a pronounced nectar-like sweetness that lingers long into the finish. Each 'moondrop' pearl weighs approximately 3-4 grams and is perfect for multiple steepings.

TD142 |
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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Smooth and lively with a pronounced toasty aroma, this broken-leaf second flush offering is the perfect choice when you’re looking for a rich, full-bodied Darjeeling. Hints of muscatel sweetness support the warm toasty character in both the aroma and the dark amber cup. The finish lingers with a suggestion of honeyed fruit. A great value.

TD192 |
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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Chunky leaves, in variegated shades of brown, produce a solid cup redolent with fragrant layers of fruit and spice, complemented by toasty/nutty hints. The dark amber liquor exhibits rich toasty notes wrapped in a stone fruit sweetness, which becomes more pronounced as the tea cools. This sweet character makes this second flush Darjeeling the perfect choice for iced tea.

TD185 |
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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This first flush Darjeeling blend features bold attractive leaves, in shades of olive-green, which produce a bright, smooth cup with a rich mouth feel. Notes of tropical fruit and honeysuckle bloom in the amber gold liquor, leading to a refreshingly crisp finish that lingers on the palate. A great value for first flush Darjeeling aficionados!

TDB7 |
USDA Organic Organic Darjeeling Tea Leaves Singbulli Estate
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Originally established in 1924 by British planters, the Singbulli Estate spreads across rolling hills in the Mirik area of Darjeeling. This exceptional organic first flush selection infuses a light amber-gold liquor redolent with a pronounced floral bouquet. This classic floral character predominates in the cup as well, accented by a clover honey sweetness and whisper of tropical fruit. The finish is smooth and lingering.

TD133 |
($1.74/cup) ($1.31/cup)
Tindharia Estate First Flush FTGFOP1 (2022 EX-1) Darjeeling
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Harvested on March 8, 2022, this is the very first plucking of the first flush season at Tindharia Estate. A profusion of downy silver tips decorate the olive-green leaves, which produce a fragrant golden liquor redolent with buttery floral notes suggestive of honeysuckle. The silky smooth cup fills your mouth with a lively feel that awakens the palate. Classic floral notes pair with a fruity sweetness reminiscent of juicy pineapple, which linger into the crisp finish. A truly delightful way to enjoy a tea moment at any time of day.

TD204 |
Darjeeling loose leaf black tea
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From its inviting aroma to its rich, full-bodied cup, this blend of premium Darjeeling teas has many fine points to consider. Fruity notes join toasty/nutty hints in the dark amber liquor. The finish lingers with a gentle astringency. An excellent choice for an everyday Darjeeling.

TD60 |
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