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Chinese Black Tea

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Chinese Black Tea is renowned worldwide for its rich color and smooth taste. Black Chinese tea has a pleasant, full-bodied flavor and roughly half the caffeine content of a cup of coffee. Depending on the variety, Chinese black tea flavors can range from smooth to sweet to smoky. Lapsang Souchongs have lower caffeine content and a deeply smoky flavor, while Yunnan teas are smooth and strong.
Chinese black tea is prized for its mellow flavor. Many enjoy these complex and full bodied teas without the addition of milk or sugar. Some Chinese black tea types may be mixed with fruits or flower buds to add sweetness and depth of flavor. If you have been searching for a new variety of tea to enjoy with breakfast, you should add Chinese breakfast tea to your repertoire. Chinese breakfast tea has a smoother and more subdued flavor profile than the Indian Assam teas that give English, Scottish and Irish breakfast teas their punchy flavor. Our Chinese black tea leaves come in both conventional and organic varieties.
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