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Assam Tea

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Assam black tea is named for the region where it is produced: Assam, India. This district in Northern India is the source of some of the finest black and British style teas. When you think of the classic robust, full-bodied Irish breakfast tea, you have Assam tea in mind. Black Assam tea is notable for its heartiness, strength, and body; if you are looking for a strong cup of black tea, this is it. The addition of milk will often enhance the more subtle flavor notes of Assam tea leaves.

The Assam tea plant (Camellia sinensis var. assamica) is indigenous to the Assam region. At Upton Tea Imports, our Assam loose leaf tea is sourced from a variety of highly regarded tea estates. Start your day with a cup of our finest quality loose leaf Assam tea. Organic Assam tea and decaffeinated Assam tea are also available to purchase.
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