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Thank you for your business!

To mark this special anniversary year, we have sourced for unique teas that will be introduced throughout the year to thank you for your continued support. Be sure to sign up for email notifications so you may enjoy these outstanding teas when they arrive.

What 35 Years Means to Us

“Working here is a dream come true! Upton Tea Imports is a place where tea lovers come together to unify the world; one cup at a time for generations.” – Melissa D., 3 years

“I am just so appreciative of the opportunity I have to share my love of tea. A large part of the joy comes from being able to enhance the tea experience for others and share their tea stories.” -Rebecca M., 16 years

“The sweet aroma of a fresh pot of tea, lovingly steeped by tea lovers for tea lovers.” -Stef S., 5 years

“Upton Tea means discovery, opportunity, and growth. After 22 years and counting, Upton Tea has become a second home; this company has taught me about good tea, leadership, and comradery.” -Bev L., 22 years

“Upton Tea Imports is a constantly evolving story with more to learn than I could possibly absorb in one lifetime.” Kris J., 4 years

“Tea is a bridge that knows no borders and has united people across time zones for many generations. It is a privilege to introduce tea lovers to these exquisite selections from around the globe and bring joy to so many people’s cups.” Tanya F., 5 Years

“Nourishing and sharing my passion for tea with the Upton Tea family has been incredibly rewarding over the years! The best 28 years of my life — learning, growing, laughing, crying with happiness when the first flush Darjeelings arrive in the spring, mentoring and being mentored, the comfort of a home, and many, many cups of the best tea in the world.” -Karen P., 28 years

“I am proud to be a part of the 35th anniversary of Upton Tea Imports. I started back in 1999 when everything about the company was so different. It has been amazing to see how the business has grown! Glad to have been here to see it happen!” -Laurie D., 25 years

“Upton Tea Imports has the most incredible employees and provides the world's most loyal customers with the highest-quality loose leaf tea. This makes coming to work so much fun; you can’t call it work.” -Steve T., 7 years

What Our Valued Customers Say About Our Teas

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