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Marangi Estate TGFOP1
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With its silky smooth, medium-bodied cup, this 2016 whole-leaf selection is a great choice for those who enjoy drinking their Assam tea neat. The malty aroma hints of red wine and spice. A natural plum-like sweetness may be found in the bright amber infusion, along with a light toasty hint and lingering suggestion of red apple.

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Daisajan Estate TGFOP1
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This golden-tipped Assam produces a rich, malty cup, highlighted with hints of sweet almond and red wine. A low astringency and silky smooth character makes this tea an excellent "self drinker." The dark copper infusion has a bright aroma with notes of malt. A great value.

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Dikom Estate TGFOP1
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The Dikom plantation has produced many quality selections over the years. This excellent full-bodied breakfast style tea has a strong cup with desirable malty hints.

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Halmari Estate TGFOP1
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This eye-opening selection boasts a complex flavor profile with a balanced astringency, perfect for a splash of milk. The copper-red cup has a strong, malty aroma with a hint of cocoa. The liquor has a malty/toasty flavor with a dark berry sweetness. The finish is bright and lingering.

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