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Vietnam Green Mao Feng Organic
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Reminiscent of a Yunnan green tea, this organic offering from Vietnam has bold, olive-green leaves with a crepey appearance. A fruity note is present in both the aroma and the cup. The bright golden liquor has a note of sweet uncured tobacco with peach hints in the finish.

TV35 |

Hunan Bai Hao Mao Feng
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Bold, well-twisted leaves are interspersed with silver downy buds, creating an attractive appearance. The rose-gold liquor has an initial sweetness, which is tempered by a vegetal hint and a brothy/buttery mouth feel. This offering is produced with time-honored techniques and finished with a charcoal basket firing, which lends a light toasty hint to the cup.

ZG39 |

Huangshan Mao Feng
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Produced in An Hui province, this classic green tea yields a smooth, complex cup. The flavor profile has a note of steamed peas, with hints of popped corn. This tea is one of China's "Ten Famous Teas", a traditional list containing what was purported to be the best teas produced in China long ago.

ZG53 |

Misty Mountain Mao Feng
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Sprinkled with silvery buds, the long olive-green leaves have been carefully plucked and handcrafted to produce this high-quality green tea selection. The cup aroma is sweet and delicate with buttery vegetal notes. The pale yellow-jade infusion is light yet flavorful, with a slightly brothy, savory quality. Floral hints lead to a smooth, clean finish.

ZG63 |

Organic China Green Mao Feng
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An abundance of silver tips and dark olive leaves yield a sweet, full-bodied cup with notes of stone fruit and earthy, vegetal hints. The light golden infusion has a fresh herbaceous aroma and a smooth, crisp finish.

ZG89 |

Hunan Mao Feng
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This Hunan province specialty has a lovely character and bright briskness. The dry leaves and liquor have an enticing aroma, with notes of mahogany and a hint of rose. A lingering note of rich cocoa leaves a fullness on the tongue.

ZK23 |

Keemun Mao Feng Imperial Organic
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These bold and attractive leaves produce a cup with an appealing aroma and complex character. The winey flavor notes are accented with a sweet note and biscuity hint. An all-around satisfying organic selection. We recommend a steeping time of 5-7 minutes.

ZK91 |

Keemun Mao Feng Anhui Qimen County
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The dark brown, wiry leaves of this special Keemun are laced with golden downy tips. The aroma has pronounced cocoa notes, as well as a hint of earth and smoke. The flavor is smooth with a creamy mouth feel. Classic Burgundy notes in the liquor round out the profile of this selection.

ZK92 |

Keemun Mao Feng
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This top grade Keemun has a smooth character and medium body. The aroma has hints of fruit and a sweet note. The liquor has a nuance of warm spice as well as a note of biscuit. The mouth feel is a balance of light sweetness and delicate briskness, with a lingering hint of molasses.

ZK95 |

Keemun Mao Feng
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This exemplary Keemun offering has an intensely rich character with a pronounced cocoa note in the aroma as well as the flavor. The long, twisted leaves produce a bright copper cup with a thick mouth feel and sweet toasty notes.

ZK97 |

China Keemun Mao Feng
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From An Hui province. Long, slender leaves with exceptional quality. One of the finest black teas from China. Milder and more complex than traditional Keemun style teas. Exquisite flavor and aroma.

ZK98 |