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First Flush Darjeeling Sampler
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A tin (approx. 30g) each of the following Darjeelings: TD96: Tindharia Estate FTGFOP1 Organic, TD29: Namring Upper Estate FTGFOP1 Spl Clonal, TD51: Singbulli Estate SFTGFOP1 Organic, and TD72: Sungma Estate SFTGFOP1 Organic.

SD01 |

Premium Darjeeling Sampler
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A tin (approx. 35g) each of the following Darjeelings: TD47: Avongrove Estate Second Flush, TD67: Thurbo Estate Second Flush, TD21: Risheehat Estate Second Flush Organic, and TD22: Castleton Estate Second Flush.

SD49 |

Ramanugger Estate Gold
Out of Stock Quick Shop

Only a handful of kilograms of this rare specialty Assam tea were produced, and we're very pleased to have acquired a portion of this stellar crop. The leaves are crafted entirely by hand, from the extra fine plucking to the final sort and packing. The result is an exquisite selection composed entirely of golden tips. The heady aroma is rich, and foretells a robust and satisfying cup. Quantities are very limited.

TA01 |

Rajgarh Estate GFBOP
Out of Stock Quick Shop

This 2016 broken-leaf Assam is a great choice for those looking for a hearty, straightforward tea to enjoy. A citrus-like brightness, along with notes of light malt and cocoa, may be found in the aroma. The dark amber cup is rich with malty notes and hints of dried fruit and spice, leading to a crisp, sweet finish.

TA02 |

Muttuck Estate First Flush FBOP
Out of Stock Quick Shop

This bold, broken-leaf 2016 offering has a classic first flush Assam character, lively and bright, with malty notes in both the aroma and the flavor. The amber cup is smooth with a soft rounded mouth feel. Hints of red wine and cocoa complement a refreshing finish.

TA06 |

Seasons Pick Assam GFOP Organic
Out of Stock Quick Shop

This Assam selection produces a dark cup with a full flavor profile. Notes of cocoa and a delicate caramel hint complement a sweet and toasty aroma for an enjoyable cup.

TA07 |

Mokalbari Estate TGFBOP Spl.
Out of Stock Quick Shop

This 2016 broken-leaf Assam offering is bright and robust yet velvety smooth on the palate. The copper-amber cup has a rich, malty fragrance with citrus-like highlights. Toasty/malty notes, with hints of dry white wine and mineral nuances, lead to a crisp, lingering finish.

TA09 |

C.T.C. Fine Assam
Out of Stock Quick Shop

This fine C.T.C. (Crush-Tear-Curl) style of tea infuses quickly. One minute of steeping produces a hearty cup of flavorful tea.

TA11 |

Hattialli Estate GBOP1 Spl.
Out of Stock Quick Shop

A well-balanced mix of dark brown leaves and downy golden tips yields a liquor with a rich, inviting aroma, highlighted by toasty notes and a hint of almond. The dark copper infusion hits the palate with its brisk, eye-opening character. A light suggestion of dark berries and cocoa complements the malty notes in the cup. A 2016 harvest.

TA14 |

Assam CTC BOP Estate Blend Organic
Out of Stock Quick Shop

A blend of choice CTC-grade Assam teas, with the typical malty and flavorful taste profile. A perfect choice for those seeking a strong morning cup.

TA15 |

Mangalam Estate FTGFOP1 Cl.
Out of Stock Quick Shop

A fresh, bright character distinguishes this fine selection from the Mangalam Estate. The liquor has a light malty aroma with hints of citrus. The sweet cup is accentuated by a clean astringency and hints of dry red wine in the finish.

TA16 |

Tippy Orthodox FBOP Assam
Out of Stock Quick Shop

A uniform, broken-leaf tea with bold character and strong, malty flavor. This tea is a great choice for breakfast and throughout the day.

TA20 |