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 ZO79: Zhang Ping Shui Hsian Oolong

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   This Fujian province tea, while loosely rolled, is tightly packed into mini vacuum-sealed "bricks" to preserve freshness. Infusion reveals bold leaves which were finely plucked and skillfully crafted into an exquisite tea. The color of the liquor is between greenish/honey brown and yellow-gold. The aroma is fresh and strong, with notes of lilac and orchid. Vacuum-packed into 9g. mini bricks.

Steeping Suggestions: -
Leaf Quantity: 2 g/cup
Water Temp: 190
Steep Time: 3 min.

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2 out of 5 stars ; No. of reviews: 1
Dry Leaf Appearance and Feel: Not my cup ,
Infused Leaf Aroma and Appearance: Good ,
Infused Liquor Flavor: Good,
Overall Value: Not my cup

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Employee Recommendations:  
Name: Karen
"This is a very special tea, which is lightly oxidized to create a greener Oolong, similar to a Jade or Tung Ting. The aroma is like a springtime garden, with notes of sweet lilac. The flavor is also pronounced floral, with a sweetness that fills my mouth and gently lingers. I know that it's pricey but I recommend trying a sample to treat yourself."

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