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As defined by: Calcutta Tea Traders Association
   "(see raspberry)"

As defined by: Tea: Cultivation to Consumption
   "The first, or small, fish leaf (q.v.) (an Assamese word)"

As defined by: Ukers Tea and Coffee Trade Journal
   "Hindi, meaning 'birth,' the 'fish' leaf, which is formed above the junction of the parent leaf with the primary stem, after the second flush develops"

As defined by: Ukers Tea and Coffee Trade Journal
   "A mild, delicately flavored China tea from Foochow, scented, after firing, with white Jasmine flowers; Pouchong tea is used for the 'base,' the jasmine flower is added in the final processing stage of firing in baskets over charcoal fires"

As defined by: Tea Manufacture
   "Groups of tea plants, the China jat is a bush up to 8 ft (2.5 m) high with many stems; the Cambodian jat is a small tree, about 16 ft (5 m) high; under certain conditions, the China jat gives tea with highly valued flavour; both these jats and their hybrids with each other and with the Assam jats are hardy plants and can be grown in many areas where the Assam bush would fail. The Assam jats are trees with big bushy leaves; those Assams with highly hairy young leaves and buds give quality liquors throughout the season, and very marked quality during the second flush in Assam; the bush is delicate, but thrives in Assam"

As defined by: Tea: Cultivation to Consumption
   "The provenance of a tea plant; jat may refer to a particular type (e.g. China jat) or to seed from a particular seed orchard (bari) (an Assamese word)"

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