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China - Lapsang Souchong

Chinese Lapsang Souchongs acquire their intensely smoky flavor when the leaves are dried over a smoldering pine fire, and the result is truly memorable. Because the larger-leaf varieties have less caffeine than other black teas, Lapsang Souchongs make a popular choice for evening consumption.

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 1. ZS20: Lapsang Souchong

The smoky flavor of a good Lapsang Souchong is unforgettable. This is an excellent example of this large-leaf variety. Mellow tea which is low in caffeine.

 2. ZS80: Lapsang Souchong Imperial

The best China Lapsang Souchong we have found. To our knowledge we are the only importer of this grade of China Lapsang Souchong. Superior in flavor. Very smoky, yet quite mellow.
Average Customer Review:   4 out of 5 stars - review details

*Some variations are limited:

    200g tin: 22 remaining

 3. ZS85: Organic China Lapsang Souchong

An organic version of the very popular smoked tea. The liquor is a bright reddish-brown with a hearty flavor and pronounced smoky accent.

*Some variations are limited:

    15g sample: Sold Out
    250g tin: Sold Out
Sorry, but this item is temporarily sold out.
 4. ZS90: Lapsang Souchong Black Dragon

Blended especially for Upton Tea Imports, this tea is a pleasing and subtly complex variation on a rich, smoky classic. The perfect gift for the Lapsang Souchong drinker who seeks a less smoky cup.
Average Customer Review:   4 out of 5 stars - review details

*Some variations are limited:

    12g sample: 1 remaining
    200g tin: 7 remaining
    400g packet: 3 remaining
    800g bag: Sold Out

Browse Items:  1-4
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