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Ceylons offer the strength of a breakfast tea with a unique complexity that cannot be found in any other teas; often highlighted by subtle lemony cedar notes, Ceylon teas are popular in the morning for those who want something other than a traditional blend. A good clear cup and excellent aroma are characteristic of a Ceylon tea.

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 1. SC20: Ceylon Sampler

A tin (approx.35g) each of the following premium Ceylon teas: Kandy BOP (TC30), Lumbini FBOPF (TC76), Uva Highlands Pekoe(TC52) ...

 2. TC05: Ceylon BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe)

A choice blend of regional Ceylons.

 3. TC26: New Vithanakande FBOPF Ex Spl

The wiry leaves of this selection are decorated with silvery tips, and yield a rich, russet-colored liquor. The pleasant cup has toasty notes with hints of dark cocoa.

*Some variations are limited:

    15g sample: 1 remaining
    125g packet: Sold Out
    125g tin: Sold Out
    250g packet: Sold Out
    250g tin: Sold Out
    500g packet: Sold Out
    1000g bag: Sold Out

 4. TC31: Homadula Estate Ceylon FBOPF EX SP

This tea is produced in the popular "spider leg" style, with well-twisted leaves and silvery tips. The dry leaves have a complex note with hints of cocoa. The liquor has honey and maple wood notes, with a light accent of green plantain.
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 5. TC78: Frances Bissell's Special Blend

The Times Cook (The Times, London) has suggested this insightful blend of Ceylon teas from the Nuwara Eliya, Kandy and Dimbula regions. An exemplary Ceylon experience.

 6. TC88: St. James Estate BOP

This broken-leaf tea yields an aromatic, bright-coppery cup. The full-bodied liquor is pleasantly pungent and is accentuated with mellow wintergreen notes.

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