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Ceylon - Ruhuna

Situated between sea level and 2,000 feet, Ruhuna is the southernmost growing district in Ceylon. The unique soil composition of this area yields black leaves which infuse a strong, full-bodied cup. Tea bushes thrive in this warm, fertile region and produce crops that are frequently characterized by golden or silver tips.

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 1. TC76: Lumbini Estate FBOPF Ex. Spl.

This well-made tea yields a robust, brisk infusion that can be enjoyed plain or with milk. The rich flavor profile has a clean character with an interesting hint of wintergreen.
Average Customer Review:   4 out of 5 stars - review details

 2. TC79: Lumbini Estate FF Sp.

The Lumbini Estate is located in the Ruhuna growing district, and is known for producing superb teas. The stunning leaf of this special lot is composed of a very fine plucking with a profusion of golden tips. This cup has a rich character, with sweet, malty notes and interesting spicy nuance ...
Average Customer Review:   5 out of 5 stars - review details

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