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Korea has a rich history of tea and tea drinking dating back to the 4th century C.E., during the "Three Kingdoms Era" when it was introduced by Buddhist monks. Over time, both a "daily", and "formal" tea ceremony practice evolved. Quality is of the utmost concern, and consequently, the entire year’s tea supply must be plucked and processed by the end of May. There are myriad types and styles of root, berry, grain and herbal infusions, but only green tea is produced from Camellia sinensis.

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 1. TR65: Korea Green Tea Sejak Organic

This offering has a pleasantly sweet, earthy quality, with a fresh aroma and smooth flavor. The liquor has a slightly brothy quality and has a vegetal note that hints of seaweed. Good for multiple infusions, this early spring tea is hand crafted using time honored method ...

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    15g sample: 2 remaining

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