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Kenyan teas are similar in body to Assams, and thus, they are superb as breakfast teas. Rich and robust, most take milk very well, but any Kenyan tea is also quite nice when drunk plain. Try any of these teas with a heaping spoonful of sugar to have it "African style."

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 1. TK25: Golden Kenya GFBOP/TGFOP

This is our Golden Kenya tea, sold in either bold broken-leaf or whole-leaf, depending upon availability. The cup has full flavor and aroma, with medium body. May be enjoyed plain, but it is strong enough to accommodate a touch of milk. Flavor hints of rose and nuances of pepper make this selection ...

 2. TK36: Kaimosi Estate GFBOP1

The dark brown, broken leaves are balanced by a small amount of russet bits of stalk and a smattering of golden tip. The medium, amber infusion is smooth and lightly pungent, with a mace-like, warm spice hint.

*Some variations are limited:

    500g packet: 1 remaining

 3. TK38: Kaimosi Estate GFBOP

This selection is characterized by a light lemon hint in the cup, with a slightly creamy mouth feel. Some have commented on a nutmeg-like flavor hint in the cup, as well as a lemon peel nuance in the aroma.

*Some variations are limited:

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 4. TK56: Marinyn Estate GFOP1

An exceptional tea, composed modestly of tippy, dark brown leaves with a reddish tint. The strong, smooth cup has a moderate briskness, with flavor notes of ripe apple, citrus, and rose.
Average Customer Review:   4 out of 5 stars - review details

*Some variations are limited:

    15g sample: 26 remaining
    125g packet: 14 remaining
    250g packet: 1 remaining

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