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The festival of Chingming (Qingming) is a 2500 year-old tradition in which people visit the burial sites of their ancestors to pay respect. It is significant in Chinese tea culture because it serves as a demarcation between a distinct pre-Chingming plucking period and the subsequent plucking period occuring after the festival date (usually around April 5). Pre-Chingming teas are prized for their delicacy and subtle, fresh nuances.

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 1. ZO91: Pre-Chingming Fenghuang Dan Cong

Once considered a tribute tea, this ancient style Oolong is made in Fujian from select strains of Camellia sinensis bushes. This selection is notable for its peach-like flavor and honey nuance. Suitable for use with the gong-fu method, the leaves can be steeped several time ...

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