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Thai Oolongs rival the best oolongs from China and Taiwan in both taste and style. However, they are hardly known by tea connoisseurs. Tea production in the high mountains of Thailand was established in the 1980s by Chinese immigrants. What began as small economic activity has grown to a strong community of independent tea gardens. Select lots have been sold through some of the finest shops in Europe, and now this style of tea is being introduced in the U.S. tea market.

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 1. TL60: Gue-Fei Thailand Oolong

Similar to an Oriental Beauty Oolong in character, but tightly rolled into a ball shape. The lighter oxidation level produces a light liquor with a golden hue. The complex cup has sweet notes with a caramel hint in the finish.

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 2. TL86: Ruan Zhi Thai Oolong

Produced in Thailand from select plants of Taiwan origin, this special oolong is targeted for the demanding Taiwanese market. Adherence to traditional Taiwanese handcrafting yields a tea in the style of a fine high-grown Jade Oolong, with spicy notes and strong floral overtones. Factory-packed in 90 ...
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*Some variations are limited:

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