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 101. ZW58: Pai Mu Tan Special Grade Organic

A tea for those who enjoy a Pai Mu Tan with a slightly bolder flavor. The sweet, smooth liquor possesses a charming hint of melon and a nutty nuance. An infusion time of 3 minutes using 180 degree water is recommended.

 102. ZW85: Fuding White Treasure Organic

This rare grade of white tea from Fujian province is an excellent selection for white tea connoisseurs. The pleasing vegetal taste is complemented with a delicate toasty note that adds interesting complexity. The finish is sweet and smooth.

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 103. ZW87: Silver Needle Organic

This is one of the finest white teas produced. The light infusion has a buttery texture, and savory aroma. The delicate, clean flavor of the tea is exceptional, with a sweet, mellow finish that has a mild, lingering pungency. Highly recommended.
Average Customer Review:   4 out of 5 stars - review details

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 104. ZW98: Silver Needle Special Organic

This special blend is composed of Fuding fine, single leaf tips and slightly bolder Yunnan buds. The Fuding tips yield a smooth, savory character while the Yunnan buds add gentle sweet and fruity notes. This tea lends itself to the gong-fu steeping method with multiple infusions, as well as to wes ...

*Some variations are limited:

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 105. ZY03: Season's Pick Yunnan Fannings Organic

With an infusion time of 1-2 minutes, this tea offers a quick, satisfying cup with a classic Yunnan character (medium-thick liquor with spicy/malty nuances).
Average Customer Review:   3 out of 5 stars - review details

 106. ZY69: Ancient Golden Yunnan Organic

The dark leaves of this quality Yunnan selection are graced with a complement of golden tips. The smooth, flavorful cup is rich, with a typical Yunnan "peppery" note and hints of malt. The finish has a light, lingering note of caramel.

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