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 51. ZG94: Lung Jing (alt. "Long Jing", "Lung Ching") Te Ji

This Dragon Well is made from a fine plucking, which is then processed in a traditional manner and fired in charcoal pans for finishing. The infusion has a light jade-yellow color. The aroma of the liquor is delightful, and portends the sweet corn nuances and chestnut hints teased from the cup ...
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 52. ZG95: Hunan Green Needles Imperial

This tea is composed of young leaves and tender buds, hand-shaped into flat needles. The pale yellow infusion has a note of freshly picked corn and a hint of pine needles. The infused leaves give off a wonderful fruity aroma. Limited supply.

 53. ZJ87: Jasmine Fairy Maiden

This flowering display tea is made from a base of quality Fujian province green tea, decorated with globe amaranth flowers, along with chrysanthemum and jasmine petals. When steeping, the jasmine petals rise to the top and are described as representing a fairy maiden dancing on stage ...

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