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These teas are named after the town of Pu-Erh in the province where the style originated. Produced from large-leaf Yunnan teas, Pu-Erhs are available in loose-leaf, tuo-cha, and cake form. Pu-Erh teas have a strong, earthy flavor and aroma due to a double fermentation during which the tea leaves actually begin to decompose.

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 1. ZH10: Boxed Pu-Erh Mini Squares

Harvested from the mountainous Simao region of Yunnan, this tea has the rich flavor and warm, earthy notes that are characteristic of a fine Pu-Erh. A larger, pressed cake has been cut into smaller squares and packed in 80 gram boxes of 24 squares. Suitable for multiple infusion ...
Average Customer Review:   5 out of 5 stars - review details

*Some variations are limited:

    10g sample: Sold Out
    80g box: Sold Out
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 2. ZH20: China Pu-Erh Leaf

This leaf format Pu-Erh yields dark liquor with strong earthy notes in the traditional style. A good value for this Yunnan classic. New lot.

*Some variations are limited:

    15g sample: 40 remaining
    125g packet: 126 remaining
    125g tin: 6 remaining
    250g packet: 61 remaining
    250g tin: 2 remaining
    500g packet: 11 remaining
    1000g bag: 4 remaining

 3. ZH22: Organic Pu-Erh 2nd Grade

A classic leaf-style Pu-Erh with characteristic earthy flavor notes and a smooth flavor. The plucking is finer than our basic leaf Pu-Erh (ZH20), and the cup is darker, with a smoother finish.

*Some variations are limited:

    15g sample: 28 remaining
    125g packet: 72 remaining
    250g packet: 11 remaining
    250g tin: Sold Out
    500g packet: 13 remaining

 4. ZH30: China Pu-Erh Tuo Cha, Size 1

Small tuo chas (compressed cakes) of black pu-erh tea, with a weight of approximately 3 grams each - an ideal size for one or two cups.

The liquor is dense and black. Multiple infusions are often made from this tea.

*Some variations are limited:

    15g sample: 6 remaining
    125g packet: 30 remaining
    125g tin: 1 remaining
    250g packet: 31 remaining
    250g tin: Sold Out
    500g packet: 2 remaining
    1000g bag: 7 remaining

 5. ZH51: Ancient Organic Pu-Erh Mini Tuo Cha

This organic Pu-Erh tea is made from select leaves, which are fully fermented and carefully compressed into cakes weighing approximately 7-8g each. The rich infusion has a full mouth feel with sweet, earthy notes.
Average Customer Review:   4 out of 5 stars - review details

 6. ZH60: China Aged Pu-Erh Celestial Tribute

The quality of leaf and the careful production differentiates this Yunnan Pu-Erh from the common varieties. Still intense and earthy, but smoother and more complex in flavor. A sample is suggested for the uninitiated.

 7. ZH65: Pu-erh Loose Jia Ji

A loose-leaf Pu-Erh of exceptional quality, with an earthy intensity and rich, clean finish. We recommend a sample for those unfamiliar with Pu-Erh's unique qualities. The discerning Pu-Erh enthusiast will find this one to be a treat.

*Some variations are limited:

    15g sample: Sold Out
    125g packet: Sold Out
    125g tin: Sold Out
    250g packet: Sold Out
    500g packet: Sold Out
    1000g bag: Sold Out
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 8. ZH80: Ancient Green Pu-Erh Tuo Cha Organic

This sun-dried, compressed green tea is made from the fine buds of Yunnan's heirloom tea trees. The flavor is vegetal, with notes of wild honey and dried fruit. The sweet and complex aftertaste lingers on the palate. Appropriate for multiple infusion ...

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