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Organic Pai Mu Tan Supreme

A special grade of organic white tea, this Pai Mu Tan (Bai Mu Dan) selection has a full complement of tender leaf buds. The dark golden cup is well-balanced with an earthy, herbaceous aroma. The bolder leaf style yields a liquor with full flavor and subtle hints of melon and spice.
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Steeping Suggestions
Leaf Quantity: 2.25 g/6oz cup
Steep Time: 3 min.
Water Temperature: 180 degrees

Organic Pai Mu Tan Supreme Reviews

Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0 (based on 1 reviews)

My goto tea
Patrick – OH – December 07, 2017

This is by far my favorite tea. I have been a white tea drinker For years and I always come back to this tea. It is a fuller flavor white tea but it contuinues to have subtly flavors through out. If I have it in the house it is hard to drink something else. If you want a lighter white tea I would suggest silver needle. Honestly I would say buy both

Organic Pai Mu Tan Supreme Review