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Digital Pocket Tea Scale
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The tremendous range of leaf styles in loose leaf teas makes measuring by volume imprecise. Our digital tea scale solves this problem in a unique way, by introducing a special 'Cupweight' mode. In this mode, the scale displays the precise number of cups that a portion of tea will yield, based on the industry standard of 2 1/4 grams per 6-ounce cup. Note that this scale will also weigh in grams, ounces and pennyweight (dwt mode). One year limited warranty. Each scale is precisely calibrated at the factory. For those who wish to periodically calibrate their scale according to the instruction manual, we offer a 200g calibration weight (AR45). Note: Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included).

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Upton Tea Imports Electric Kettle
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The Upton Tea Imports Electric Kettle is made from quality materials and electrical components. Perfect for heating 10 to 40 ounces of water, this 1200W model will bring water to a boil in approximately five minutes and then shut off upon reaching the boiling point. The Upton Tea Imports Electric Kettle is cordless, and features a 1200-watt heating element, safety shut-off, a locking lid and brushed stainless steel construction. ETL-listed (conforms to UL Standard 1082). Made in China. One year limited warranty.

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Glass Teapot (14 FL OZ)
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This pot has been handcrafted from borosilicate glass and is equipped with a stainless steel lid and infuser for added durability. A replaceable silicone band (AR601) forms a tight seal between the pot and lid. The 14oz capacity is perfect for infusing a couple of 6oz cups of tea, or for steeping and showing your favorite display tea. Use caution when removing the lid, as it can get quite hot. This product should be hand washed, and is not suitable for use in the microwave.


The Chatsford Teapot by Homer Laughlin
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After much anticipation, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest version of the Chatsford teapot, made in the USA by Hall China and the Homer Laughlin China Company. This food-service quality, fully-vitrified ceramic pot is designed to be durable and should provide many cups of enjoyment. Chatsford teapots provide a convenient way to prepare loose leaf tea quickly and easily. Fitted with a convenient tab for effortless removal, the ample polypropylene and mesh infuser basket allows full infusion of the leaves. A standard 4-cup red strainer basket (BPA free) is included with every teapot. This teapot holds 20 oz. Dimensions - Height: 5", Length: 8", Width: 4.5". (Please note that image colors may vary due to monitor settings.) Each teapot comes with a 30-day warranty. Please note that this teapot should never be placed directly on a heat source. The Chatsford Teapot by Homer Laughlin

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Tetsubin Shyo An
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This is a handmade cast-iron teapot, produced in Iwate prefecture in Japan. Cast iron teapots, or tetsubin have been used for hundreds of years to brew tea but are also works of art. Includes a strainer basket. Capacity of 11 ounces.

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Sencha Teapot No. 34
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Traditional Japanese side-handled teapot. Green glaze. A strainer built into the spout separates the tea leaves from the infusion when pouring. 8 oz. capacity (236 cc).

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Sampler Gift Set
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Quality tea and a simple brewing method are key to enjoying loose leaf tea. This set includes a Chatsford Mug Infuser with Lid and your choice of one of the following sampler sets: SM30: Introduction to Fine Tea Sampler, SG35: Green Tea Sampler, or SH03: Winter Season Sampler. Ships in our green gift box. This gift set can also be upgraded with giftwrap, if desired.

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Iced Tea Gift Set
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Eight of our favorite iced tea selections. Includes both of our iced tea sampler sets (SI01 and SI03). A small tin each of the following: BF60: Rote Grutze, TB15: Java Blend, TB49: Darjeeling-Ceylon Iced Tea Blend, TC30: Ceylon Kandy BOP, TD50: No. 1 Tippy Orthodox Darjeeling, TE11: Extra Bergamot Earl Grey, TF73: Peach with Pieces, and TE30: Traditional Masala Chai. Ships in our green gift box or can be upgraded with giftwrap for $5.00.

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Tea for One Gift Set
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A perfect trio. Our Chatsford Mug Infuser with Lid is paired with two tins of our most popular teas. Choose either Traditional (Bond Street English Breakfast & Finest Russian Caravan) or Flavored (Earl Grey Blue Flower & Christmas Tea). Add your recipient's name to the labels at no charge. Ships in our green gift box or can be upgraded with giftwrap for $5.00.

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British Blend Sampler
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A tin (approx. 35g.) of each of the following teas: TB10: Bond Street English Breakfast, TB70: Finest Russian Caravan, TB75: Baker Street Afternoon Blend, and TB86: Richmond Park Blend. Specially blended for us in London by master tea blenders.

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