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Kandy BOP
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Good color and strength for a hearty cup. Takes milk very well.

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Kandy OP
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A whole-leaf Ceylon tea of excellent flavor and good color. Highly recommended for the Ceylon enthusiast. This is a new bolder leaf version of this popular selection.

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Kenilworth Estate OP
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This estate produces some of the best whole-leaf teas in Sri Lanka. For the Ceylon enthusiast. Drink with or without milk. A choice lot with a bold-leaf style. Steep for five to six minutes.

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Ceylon Kandy Silver Tip
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Well twisted, ebony brown leaves and a complement of silver buds yield a dark, satisfying infusion with a sweet aroma. Notes of honey and malt round out the bright, toasty cup, which could accommodate milk, if desired. A pleasant briskness lingers in the light fruity finish.

TC16 |

Kenilworth Estate Pekoe
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From the well respected and highly popular Kenilworth Estate, this fine selection has a dry leaf with an attractive "curled" appearance. Malty hints and notes of chocolate are present in both the uninfused leaf and liquor. The cup is smooth and full-bodied.

TC84 |

Kenilworth Estate OP Select
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The uniform, well-twisted leaves yield a classic Ceylon cup with bright, medium-grown flavor. Raisin hints complement the warm, toasty aroma. A caramel-like sweetness envelops notes of dried fruit and biscuity hints. A light pungency lends a perfect balance to the solid cup. Great hot or iced.

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