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CO2 Decaffeinated Irish Breakfast Blend BOP
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Restock available this fall!
This premium blend of broken-leaf Assam black teas produces a rich, full-bodied cup. The aroma is sweet with hints of malt. The dark copper liquor is bright with a smooth mouth feel, leading to a pleasant pungency lingering in the finish.

TBX9 |

CO2 Premium Decaffeinated Assam
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Restock available by the end of Summer!
Whole-leaf or broken-leaf Assam (depending on availability), decaffeinated with pure carbon dioxide.

TXA9 |

CO2 Premium Decaffeinated Darjeeling Organic
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Restock available by the end of Summer!
The top standard of decaffeinated Darjeeling tea available, and by far the best we have cupped. Please note that even the best decaffeinated teas lose some of the flavor and complexity of their unprocessed counterparts. **This is the organic version of our sold out TXD9.**

TXD8 |

Decaffeinated Apricot with Flowers
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Decaffeinated black tea scented with apricot flavoring and decorated with flower petals. This tea was decaffeinated using the CO2 process.

TX17 |

decaffeinated flavored loose leaf black tea
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Blended with dried lemon peels and blue cornflower petals, this decaffeinated black tea offering is creamy smooth and rich with notes of sweet lemon cake. Enjoy this delicious treat, hot or iced.

NX30 |

Decaffeinated Vanilla (EA)
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A Ceylon black tea flavored with Bourbon vanilla. This tea has been decaffeinated using the Ethyl Acetate process.

TX91 |