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Earl Grey Sampler
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A tin (approx. 35g) of each of the following earl grey teas: TE01: Earl Grey Creme Vanilla, TE12: Earl Grey Lavender, TE13: Earl Grey Chocolate, and TE16: Earl Grey Blue Flower.

SE01 |

Seasons Pick Earl Grey Cr�me Vanilla
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A classic Earl Grey, accented with vanilla and cream flavors. This delightful variant will appeal to most Earl Grey enthusiasts.

TE01 |

Saint Isaacs Blend
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A premium blend of Ceylon and China teas, with the flavor of grapefruit, bergamot, and other citrus fruit. Popular in Europe, this Russian-style blend is recommended for an interesting departure from traditional Earl Grey.

TE06 |

Decaffeinated Earl Grey
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A whole-leaf Ceylon tea with oil of bergamot flavoring. Decaffeinated using the CO2 decaffeinatation process.

TE09 |

Original Earl Grey
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China Black tea base with bergamot flavor. Produced for the British market, this tea has less bergamot than some American counterparts.

TE10 |

Extra Bergamot English Earl Grey
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Specially blended for those who prefer a richly scented Earl Grey. Our most popular Earl Grey. Rated "best overall" by the Wall Street Journal's Catalog Critic.

TE11 |

Lavender Earl Grey
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Starting with a premium Earl Grey, we've added the essence of lavender, which blends harmoniously with the traditional bergamot scenting. Lavender blossoms lend a visual appeal to this pleasing selection. Depending on availability, the base of this tea is either an OP or FBOP Ceylon.

TE12 |

Chocolate Earl Grey
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A premium black tea combining the popular tastes of bergamot and chocolate with a hint of lemon. Decorated with flower petals and lemon peel for a delightful presentation. This product contains soy.

TE13 |

Earl Grey Supreme
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Earl Grey tea, blended with TGFOP Assam and rare China teas. A balanced blend for those who prefer a lighter bergamot flavor. Drink with or without milk.

TE14 |

Earl Grey
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A fine organic Ceylon tea with a compelling Earl Grey scent.

TE15 |

Earl Grey Blue Flower
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A blend of select teas, perfectly scented with bergamot and decorated with flowers.

TE16 |

Earl Grey Ceylon Select
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The base for this tea is a quality broken-leaf Ceylon tea. Just the right amount of bergamot is added to achieve a balanced cup. A gold medal winner at London's Fine Foods Fair.

TE17 |